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Notices and Alerts


The security of our members financial information is a top priority to ACCU. As a part of our approach to preventing financial fraud, we provide our members with a free Fraud Alert Service. This service is provided to all ACCU members with an ACCU Credit Card by Fidelity Information Services. In the event an ACCU credit card is used to make a fraudulent purchase, the cardholder is contacted. If the cardholder cannot be reached, access to the card may be restricted or denied until the matter is cleared. Speaking to one of our Fraud Prevention Representatives can help to ensure your card is not fraudulently used. Cardholders are urged to use Ebranch or visit EZCARD Info and register their credit cards. These are free service members can use to view and track their card expenses.

Notify ACCU of Phishing attempts by sending the email or other information to - Financial Fraud Enforement Task Force

Fraud and Phishing Alerts

Important to know...

Alabama Central CU and the appropriate regulatory institutions will not ask you for your private or secure information over the phone or by email. Be wary of who you give your private information to. Ask yourself if it is absolutely necessary to give them that information to proceed with any situation.

If you feel that you have encountered a suspicious email, pop up or website file an FTC Consumer Complaint and an IFCC complaint.