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If you've got a smartphone, then you've got the safest, fastest, and easiest way to pay already in your pocket! Whether you shop in-store, by app, or online —your Alabama Central CU Visa® debit card (and other payment cards you add) have got you covered.


  • Downloading and activating a mobile wallet app is quick and easy
  • Adding your Alabama Central CU Visa® debit card to your mobile wallet is free
  • Payments are more secure, as card info is encrypted and inaccessible to merchants
  • Added security layer requires a passcode, fingerprint, or facial recognition authorization
  • Got your phone? Then you’re ready to shop! (no bulky wallet necessary)
  • Add all sorts of convenient payment cards to your mobile wallet — even gift cards!
  • Payment cards added can be used in stores, online, and in apps

What is a Mobile Wallet?

Different smart devices have their own version of a mobile wallet (aka “digital wallet” or “smart wallet”) applications, despite having similar setup and usability. For example, more recent Apple® and Samsung™ devices come with an empty mobile wallet already uploaded. Android® and other devices offer such mobile wallet apps available in the device’s appropriate app store.

How Does a Mobile Wallet Work?

Multiple cards can be linked as payment source options within the mobile wallet, including your Alabama Central CU Visa® debit card! Payment options within the Mobile Wallet can be accessed quickly and confirm your authorization before processing. A payment card (such as your debit card) can be set as the default payment source for your wallet. If you earn rewards when using a particular card, consider making your Alabama Central CU Visa® debit card your default payment card (for instance, should you have a Kasasa® checking or savings account.)

How Do I Set Up a Mobile Wallet?

  1. Open the App. If not already loaded, visit your device’s applicable app store and install a wallet app.
  2. Add Your Cards. Mobile wallets can hold more than just debit or credit cards. Consider adding all sorts of cards — including transit passes, gift cards, and customer loyalty cards, and more.
  3. Shop! Hold your device up to an in-store payment terminal at check out. Online, select your digital wallet as your payment option (instead of the card’s actual info). Making an in-app purchase is a tap or so away.

Where Can I Learn More?

Sometimes details change, so for the most up-to-date information, we suggest visiting the following links:

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